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New graduate/mid-career recruitment page

Go beyond the possible and redefine conventional wisdom.

Our culture


Let's celebrate the potential rather than the wealth of experience. Let's continue to challenge ourselves without being hindered by anything. We will create a new standard by creating a landscape that is not an extension of collective common sense among autonomous individuals, not a controlled organization. Why not change the world, and your life, with us?

Employee Interview

About the working environment


Creating an office environment that makes people want to come to work

Our company places importance on face-to-face communication between employees, and we aim to create an office that people will want to come to, so we have located our office just a three-minute walk from the station.

We aim to further improve productivity and sustainably expand our business by providing a comfortable working environment with individual booths for online meetings equipped with soundproofing, nap spaces, and conference rooms for face-to-face meetings.

Office Tour

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