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Bringing out the “ESSENTIAL”
fun for Games
with Blockchain technologies.

UNCHAIN is suitable for each game

Proposing the use of blockchain technology,

Realize quick game development and operation.


We aim to develop entertainment services that can be enjoyed by general users with peace of mind through supporting companies to advance into Web3. We will provide comprehensive services such as planning, development, and marketing support to companies that challenge the three Web domains, support their businesses from all directions, and provide necessary elements on a one-stop basis.

・Planning, development and operation of Web3 games
・Domestic and international marketing
・Community design and operation
・Game economic zone design
・Offline/online event production 


A development team familiar with both Web2 and Web3 provides one-stop OEM development for blockchain games, NFT marketplaces, sale pages, etc.

We provide consistent support from marketing strategy formulation to production and media planning, with a focus on games and entertainment. We handle a wide range of things, including PR that involves the investor base and token system design, which is unique to Web3.

We are currently promoting the development of our own services using blockchain. We have already released the gacha & content sales package "Gotcha!" and the SNS marketing system "SynCrew."



Online lottery system Gotcha!

This is an OEM package specialized for entertainment commerce that combines a web lottery function that allows you to spin a gacha online and draw prizes, with an EC platform for selling goods and digital content.

It also supports sales of NFTs and payments with crypto assets.

By providing the fun of purchasing experiences through gacha, we have realized a new way of monetization. We have extracted the necessary functions from our track record and knowledge cultivated over many years in the gaming industry, so you can start selling at a reasonable initial cost.




Go beyond the possible and redefine conventional wisdom.

"KILLERS" is a community where giant killers gather.
Live strong, true to yourself in this world without being bound by anything.
He kills giants with ideas that overturn conventional ideas.
I hope to acquire such "unprecedented skills" together with the members of UNCHAIN Co., Ltd.
We are looking for supporters who will help implement this idea into the world.
Practical lectures are given by instructors active in a variety of fields, including Web 3, AI, creativity, marketing, and space development.
Provides business development support, including project presentations.
Additionally, UNCHAIN will arrange a work environment that includes internships, contract work, and side jobs.
While experiencing high-level chemical reactions,
You will obtain a unique proof that is neither your educational background nor your work history.
KILLERS provides you with the technology and ideas you can use in your life and in the future society.


Board Members

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Company Profile






Ray Wynne

Development and operation of blockchain games

marketing, promotion

Community formation/operation

Discord development and operation


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Web3 technologies
unleash hidden
value of Games.

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