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What is Web3.0 labo?

In recent years, legal regulations have been established worldwide for businesses that utilize crypto assets and blockchain, and now in Japan, promotion of Web3 and environmental improvement are being promoted as a national strategy. However, in order to enter the business field that utilizes Web3, it takes a lot of time and effort to master the technology and customs unique to blockchain.

UNCHAIN is working to solve the many issues inherent in Web3 and create a future where more people can coexist with Web3.

Participatory Community

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Various lectures and interview requests

As part of our efforts to help as many business people and students as possible acquire knowledge about blockchain and be able to utilize it themselves, UNCHAIN is actively involved in external events, interviews, and other communication activities.

Corporate training and study sessions

Special classes for students

Media Coverage and Contributions

Lecturer Introduction


Hiroshi Tsuruoka


At TV Tokyo Communications, he planned and produced three-dimensional projects that go beyond television, such as terrestrial TV program x web linking projects and planning and production of live streaming programs. After that, in 2018, he worked on PR planning for the company's own services at the PR and Marketing section of Yahoo Japan Corporation. In 2020, he joined Digital Entertainment Asset and, as the business manager of the GameFi platform PlayMining, is responsible for the business strategy of all services, including blockchain games and NFT marketplaces. In 2022, he became the COO of UNCHAIN Inc.

Lecture theme/genre

Virtual currency and blockchain

Content Business

Main career

2018 Marketing & PR Manager, Yahoo! Inc.

2012 TV Tokyo Communications Business Producer

Head of Digital Entertainment Asset Business Strategy 2020

2023 COO of UNCHAIN Co., Ltd.

Main media appearances and lectures

2023 Shinwa web3 Institute Web3 Course Instructor

2023 Special lecture lecturer at Information Management and Innovation Professional University

Lectures, interview requests, inquiries


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